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Lahore-Khewra Salt Mines-Lahore

Day Plan:

Morning drive from Lahore to Khewra Salt Mines via Motorway & leave Motorway at Lilla and Kalar Kahar Interchange. Proceed to have a detailed visit of Khewra Salt Mines.Khewra Salt Mines are located in Khewra 5 kms north of Pind Dadan Khan & 13 kms from Choa Saidan Shah in the north side. Jhelum District, Punjab Pakistan on the right bank of river Jhelum and away from Islamabad at a distance of 152 kms on the south side & 260 kms from Lahore. These salt mines are the 2nd biggest mines in the world. The detection of Khewra Salt Mines dates back to 320 BC during the invasion of this region by Alexander the Great. Located at the foothills of the Salt Range, these mines are the oldest in the salt mining history of the Asian sub-continent. The main tunnel initially developed by Dr. Wrath in 1872. Now, it has been converted into tourist resort.After visits evening drive back to Lahore.


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