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Lahore-Harappa Museum & Sites-Lahore

Day Plan:

Early morning drive from Lahore to Harappa. Arrive and visit the sites & Museum.Harappa is an archaeological spot in Punjab, Pakistan about 35 km west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village situated near the former route of the Ravi River. The present village of Harappa is 6 km from the very old site. Although modern Harappa has a train station left from the British times, it is now a days just a tiny (population. 15,000) junction town. The site of the very old city contains the wreckages of a Bronze Age equipped city, which was part of the Cemetery H culture and the Indus Valley Civilization, centered in Sindh and the Punjab. The city is supposed to have had as many as 23,500 inhabitants and considered huge for its time. The ancient city of Harappa was very much damaged under the British rule, when bricks from the remains were used as track ballast in the construction of the Lahore-Multan Rail Road. In 2005, a notorious amusement park plan at the site was neglected when builders discovered many archaeological works of arts in the early stages of construction work.The Indus Valley Civilization (also known as Harappan culture) has its initial ancestry in cultures such as that of Mehrgarh, approximately 6000 BCE. The two best cities, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, come into view approximately 2600 BCE along the Indus River valley in Punjab and Sindh. The civilization, with a script/symbols system, urban centers, and expanded social and economic system, was revived in the 1920s after digging at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh near Sukkur, and Harappa, in west Punjab south of Lahore. Although the archaeological site at Harappa was partially damaged in 1857 when engineers constructing the Lahore-Multan Rail Road, used bricks from the Harappa remain for track ballast, a plenty of work of art has nevertheless been found. The bricks discovered were made of red sand, clay, stones & were baked at very high temperature.Afternoon detailed visits drive back to Lahore.


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