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Shalimar Gardens-Jahangir’s Tomb-Wazir Khan Mosque-Wagah Border

Day Plan:

Morning proceed to visit Shalimar Gardens, Jahangir’s Tomb, Wazir Khan Mosque. Enjoy the Flag lowering ceremony at Pakistan-India Wagah Border.Lahore is the capital of Punjab Province of Pakistan and 2nd largest city in the country was the seat of power in northern subcontinent for almost 1000 years. With a rich and marvelous history dating back to over a thousand years ago, Lahore is no doubt Pakistan’s cultural capital. One of the most compactly inhabited cities in the world, Lahore remains a vivacious economic, political, transportation, amusement, and educational hub. Lahore preserves its historical rank as one of the world’s most multinational and vigorous of cities. Lahore has been a center of cultural heritage for many civilizations. It witnessed the rise and fall of different invaded reign and absorbed the cultural festivities of all invaders into its own and assumed the role of the cultural capital of Pakistan.Lahore was the cultural hub of the northern part of the subcontinent which widens from the eastern banks of the Indus River to New Delhi. Mughal structures such as the Badshahi Mosque, Mausoleum of Allama Iqbal, the Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, and the mausoleum of Jehangir and Noor Jahan are popular tourist attractions for the city. Lahore is also home to many British colonial structures built in the Mughal-Gothic style, such as the Lahore High Court, the General Post Office, Lahore Museum and many older universities including the University of the Punjab. The Lahore Zoo, thought to be the fourth oldest zoo in the world is also situated here.Lahore is referred to as the cultural heart of Punjab as it hosts most of the arts, cuisine, festivals, film-making, music, gardening and intelligentsia of the country. Known for its affiliation with poets and artists, it has the largest number of educational institutions in Punjab and some of the finest gardens in the continent. It is also an important religious center as it is home to hundreds of temples, mosques, and shrines like Data Darbar Complex & Wazir Khan Mosque. Minar-e-Pakistan is a tall minaret in Iqbal Park Lahore, built in the honor of the Lahore declaration. The minaret reflects a mix of Mughal and modern structural design, and is built on the location where on March 23, 1940, seven years before the formation of Pakistan; the Muslim League passed the Pakistan Resolution.Afternoon detailed visits transfer to your given address.


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