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                                                                               Islamabad-Attock Khurd-Islamabad

Day Plan:

Morning drive to Attock Khurd via G T Road. Arrive and proceed to visit Attock Khurd, also visit Kund Park at the junction of Indus –Kabul River. Attock the command center of Attock District is a city located in the northern border of the Punjab province of Pakistan, and also a border district on the river Indus. Historically and strategically, Attock is considered the entry point to Central Asia, city lies on the bank of the River Indus. It is just 80 km from Rawalpindi and 100 km from Peshawar, and 10 km from the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra. Attock Khurd (the old city) has a rich history. The district is named after Attock Khurd, the very old town of the same name. It lies at the last part of a natural passageway shaped by the Kabul River where it flows into the Indus. In the spring of 326 B.C.E. Alexander III of Macedon passed into the Punjab (at Ohind, 16 m. on top of Attock), using a bridge over the Indus built by Perdiccas and Hephaestion. The area has been converted into part of the Kingdom of Ederatides the Greek or Indo-Greek Kingdom, who extended his power over western Punjab. The Indo-Greek kings held the country in their custody after him (until about 80 B.C.E.) until its invasion by the Indo-Scythians. Evening drive back to Islamabad or Rawalpindi.


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