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Islamabad-Wah Gardens-Islamabad

Day Plan:

Morning drive from Islamabad to Wah Gardens via GT Road. Upon arrival proceed to visit the historical gardens.

The gardens are in the city of Wah, located 50 km North West of Capital city Islamabad on the main Grand Trunk Road. Raja Maan Singh was a court person in command of Emperor Akbar. He was stationed at Wah from 1581 to 1586 to stop opponent attacks. At some stage in his stay he prepared a pond encircled by a structure of twelve gates/doors. The Mughal Emperor Jahangir at the same time on his way to Kabul stayed here on 29 April 1607 and went for fishing in the fishpond. After many years later the Emperor Shah Jahan stayed at Wah while on his way to Kabul in 1639. He called his central construction department and ordered to reconstruct the buildings. Ahmed Maamar Lahoree, a well-known designer of those days, designed out the gardens, palaces and inns. The construction work was carried out under his management and completed in 2 years. The garden was made in the Mughal construction style. Taking into consideration the historical significance of the gardens and their creative structure, the Government of Pakistan handed over the garden to the department of Archaeology to look after and to start maintenance. Work has been started to refurbish and save the garden. The reconstruction of the four walls of the garden, the big pond, the canals, and the paths are near completion. The work of replanting the trees that were there in Mughal days, repairs of the twelve-door structures, the bathrooms and waterfalls will be completed soon.

Drive back to Islamabad or Rawalpindi.


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