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Islamabad-Rohtas Fort-Islamabad

Day Plan:

Morning drive from Rawalpindi or Islamabad to Rohtas Fort via G T Road. From Dina take a turn towards Rohtas Fort. Spend the day exploring the fort and the sites.

Rohtas Fort is located in a gorge around 16 km North West of Jhelum, 7 km from Dina & 190 kms from Islamabad. Fort has been built on a mound where the small Kahan River congregates one more rainy water flows called Parnal Khas and turns east towards Tilla Jogian Range. Rohtas Fort is built by the great Afghan king Sher Shah Suri. Fort is about 4 km in perimeter and is a unique example with combination of Pukhtun and Hindu structural design in the Indian Subcontinent. Afghan king Sher Shah Suri built Rohtas Fort to block Emperor Humayun’s return back to India after defeating in the conflict of Kanauj. This fort lies on the old GT road between the North (Afghanistan) to the Plains of Punjab. It blocked the line of attack from Peshawar to Lahore.

The other reason was to restrain the local clan of Potohar region. The Gakhars who were cronies of Emperor Humayun and declined their loyalty to Sher Shah Suri. The Emperor instructed the local Janjua Rajput clan to help in building the fort to press the Gakhars. Sher Shah Suri named Rohtas Fort after the well-known Rohtasgarh Fort in Shahabad district near Baharkunda in Bihar India, which he confined from the Raja of Rohtas Hari Krishan Rai in 1539. Rohtas Fort is an incomparable paradigm of early Muslim martial architecture in central and South Asia.

After detailed visit evening drive back to Islamabad or Rawalpindi.


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